Saturday, March 28, 2009

First Sale

I sold a vintage cameo I listed on etsy. Just thought I'd share the packaging and card.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yes! Blog Award/First Etsy Sale!

Today has been incredible. The sun was gleaming, 
I was satisfied with my outfit ( grey v-neck te
e, skinnys, and pink mary janes), I made my first Etsy sale, my professor loved my sculpture, then I returned to my room to find I had been nominated for my first award by a witty blogger who I look up to and seems to be able to capture the fun and beauty in life. Thank you Amber!

Here are the award rules:List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard le
tting the whole world are Kreativ!

Due to the time of the year this list may be a bit biased but here it goes...
1. Swinging. 
It's beginning to get warm and sunny and perfect swinging weather. I swear it's the best natural high you can get.
2. Kombucha.
This is fermented tea I was introduced to at the Home Economist, an organic food store I worked at in high school. Not only does it make you limbs tingle but it has incredible flavor that makes you happy. Try it. 

3. Being in Design School.
If I were not in graphic design, I wouldn't be majoring in anything. I get to do challenging and creative things with amazing people. We like to complain about working in the studio all the time, but we love it and have become a family. 

4. Anthropologie.(This is my secret cell phone shot because they don't let you take pictures!)
I can stay in this store for hours getting design inspiration, smelling it's wonderfully scented candles, looking at housewares, cookbooks, clothes, leather purses, I could live in that store.
5. Sheep Meadow.
My favorite place on earth. This open field in central park brings me such peacefulness and it's located in the center of New York City.

6. Memories of my sister and I playing around the pond and backyard of the house I grew up in.
We used to spend hours on this bridge dropping sticks into the pond, playing with leaves, going on adventures. Your typical amazing childhood memories.

7. The locally owned Ice Cream store Carolina Cones in the town where I grew up.
 This one is not biased. I love ice cream just as much in 18 degree weather, as I do in 90 degree weather. Delicious.

Ok. Blogs I love.

Also I'm not really sure why I used a Vignette for all these photos, just somethin new I'm trying I guess. 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh craft

I had a pretty incredible Friday night that consisted of crafting into the wee hours of the night, conversations with old friends,  and Emiliana Torrini.
This morning I attended the Downtown Market craft show in Raleigh.. I came out of it with some treasures...

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Dandelion

To me,  dandelion isn't a weed. It's merely a bit of variety in a sea of green. And there is nothing wrong with an expansive field of grass, but it's always nice to find a yellow dandelion amongst the many blades of green.

Spring has arrived.

The lost Urban Top

As insignificant as this may be, I tried this shirt on at urban outfitters about 2 weeks ago (and yes this is a dressing room cell phone pic.) and now, it's nowhere to be found! It was one of those purchases that at the time seemed like too much money.... but now all I can't get it off my mind. It's just so cute and perfect for spring.. let me know if anyone finds it...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The warmth has returned but perhaps for only a day or two, once again tricking the poor flowers into bloom. But I'll take what I can get (:

Business Card

So last night I couldn't sleep and decided to, instead of wasting my time lying in bed, create my "business card". 
I plan on photo-transferring it onto handmade paper but that's still to come...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Etsy Store!

After much crafting and preparation, I finally set up my Etsy store, something I've been meaning to do for months now. My need for funds became very crucial. 

The Whimsical Graphic Designer

Harmen Liemburg brought himself and his work to NC State Last week.

He said most of his inspiration comes from cliches found everywhere. What struck me as odd was that he doesn't create or design his own figures or forms, just combines those already in existence. It still makes for a playful composition that I am envious of.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sabrina Ward Harrison

For my design culture and context class we were instructed to write about an artist who inspires us...

In life, the optimum feeling we as humans feel is joy. To record and remember that joy as well as to convey it in new situations is an incredible and rewarding feat. To be able to do this while at the same time acknowledging our digression in society brought about by technology and wastefulness is something I strive for and respect. Sabrina Ward Harrison is an artist who works along these ideals. She reports on “the electrifying experience of being” and addresses the fading cultural landscape of our country and our interconnectedness as human beings. Through her journals and mixed media work involving photography, sound, collage, film, and found objects, she creates inspired by the beauty in the landscape and the world.  She believes we need to be brought home to the presence of our living, a notion that both coincides with my ideals and invigorates my soul.

Spring has come and gone

Most people discuss the weather when they have nothing to talk about. I'm discussing the weather because it effects the way I see the world. In a matter of days the weather went from 18 degrees, to 80 degrees, and back down again. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Littlest Things

I've been restless lately. Unable to sleep with too many things on my mind. Today I was driving home from the mall and I caught someone's eye next to me. He smiled and waved. I waved back. It wasn't creepy, just friendly. And it's those little things that make me happy, that make life joyful. Thank you to that gentleman.